Car Air Conditioning in Walton-on-Thames

Our technicians offer a range of services to keep your air conditioning system in optimal working condition. Here we’ve provided some information on servicing, recharging and repairs. If you have a query regarding these different procedures, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Hersham Service Station.

Air conditioning maintenance requires the latest industry equipment, which we’ve continually invested in to stay at the forefront of the automotive services industry. This is also why we provide ongoing training to our team. Looking after your air conditioning will ensure that harmful pollutants and allergens do not build-up within the system and cause you or your passengers ill health.

Car Air Conditioning Servicing

Keep in mind that an air conditioning service is not included in a full or interim service, so keep track of when your vehicle last received one. Manufacturers have their own recommendations for how often to invest in air conditioning servicing. Most seem to hover around the every two-to-three years mark. Check your service manual to see what the manufacturer advises.

The purpose of an air con service is to keep the system running effectively and problem-free. It involves a pressure test that will identify leaks within the system, which we can subsequently repair. This test will also show us whether your system needs recharging or not. Other aspects of an air conditioning service include checking that all vital components, such as the compressor, blower hose and ventilation fan, are all in working condition. If during the service we find the system has a lot of built-up dirt and bacteria within, we can clean it for you.

Car Air Conditioning Recharging

To recharge your air conditioning, we remove the old refrigerant gas from the system. Then we replace it with new refrigerant, which keeps your air con working at maximum efficiency. Most manufacturers recommend an air conditioning recharge every two years, otherwise performance drastically declines. Not only does this fall in performance mean it'll be harder to keep your car’s internal temperature regulated, but your fuel efficiency will also suffer.

It takes less than an hour to complete a recharge, as we use the latest industry equipment, which attaches to your vehicle’s high and low pressure ports. This equipment utilises a specially-made vacuum pump to expedite the process. After recharging is complete, you’ll immediately notice a difference in A/C performance. Airflow will improve, and it will be easier to maintain the optimum ambient temperature within your vehicle.

Car Air Conditioning Repairs

Noticed a problem with your air conditioning system? Bring your vehicle to our Walton-on-Thames garage for a fast and accurate diagnosis, and repairs using OEM-compliant parts.

Common issues experienced by motorists include:

Weak Airflow – There are a number of reasons why your vehicle might be suffering from weak airflow. It could be that the blower hose through which the air flows has come loose, or that the ventilation fan has ceased to work. Other reasons include a build-up of mould/mildew, or a compromised seal (blower house, evaporator case or core case).

Temperature Fluctuation – If your air con is emitting warmer air than before, it could be a result of a Freon leak. This would indicate that a component, usually the blower hose, seal or O-ring has failed. Other problems this symptom indicates are a failed compressor, compressor clutch, blower motor, condenser or evaporator.

Another possibility is that there is a vacuum leak within the system, which can be highly problematic if not dealt with immediately. A leak will not only stop your air conditioning from working as intended, but gradually cause damage to components. Leaks are usually a result of general wear and tear and lack of maintenance.

Persistent Odour – Unpleasant smells emerging from your air con system can be due to a dirty/worn air cabin filter or evaporator case, or a build-up of mould and mildew within the system. Luckily, it’s a fairly quick and simple job to clean your system and banish those unwelcome odours. Regular servicing and recharging will also make this problem less likely.

As you can see, there are a number of issues that can severely affect your air con system. This is why it’s important to contact us on 01932 229 022 and get our professionals involved, so they can run diagnostics and identify the root cause of the problem.

Keep in mind that most vehicles’ engine management systems do not feature warning lights that will alert you to air conditioning failures, so it pays to be vigilant when noticing potential symptoms of failure. Be sure to act early when suspecting an air con issue, otherwise the problem could get worse and cost more to repair.

For affordable air conditioning repairs, servicing and recharging, call Hersham Service Station in Walton-on-Thames on 01932 229 022.